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My brother Trev and I having a well-earned break.

TTRs in France!

My brother Trev and I had a brilliant trail riding and sight seeing holiday in France at the beginning of June 2015.

I wrote a couple of reports for my local TRF Group newsletter:
Trail Riding in France - Part Une
Trail Riding in France - Part Deux

Many thanks to our mate Geoff, Torsten and Ro at Ridelimousin and Stephen Dunne at Le Mas de Forsac for making our stay and trail riding so enjoyable!



My brother Trev completing a tricky climb.

TTR Heaven!

My brother Trev and I had the “weekend of a lifetime” trail riding in the Andalucian mountains with fellow TTR enthusiast, and member of the TTR forum, Lyndon Foster who runs the ToroTrail outfit in southern Spain.

I was asked to write a report for my local TRF Group newsletter so thought I would share it here in case there is any interest. Here it is!

The weekend was a practical confirmation for me as to how sturdy and capable the TTR is. Lyndon currently runs 100% TTRs and you can take it from me that his bikes get some heavy duty treatment from both novice and experienced trail riders alike yet seem unburstable.



Collecting my signed copy of "Lois on the Loose"

Devon TRF Group scoops Lois!

The Devon TRF Group were royally entertained by the intrepid "Lois on the Loose" Pryce, aka the African Queen, at our monthly meeting on 11 September 2007. This remarkable woman wasn't content riding solo from Alaska to the tip of S America on a Serow but followed it up with a trip down through Africa - but on a better choice of bike - a Yamaha TTR250!

Lois started with a quick hello and introduction, then moved on to a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation of her journey. Remarkable slide show and stories - I bought her first book Lois on the Loose (signed by the author at point of purchase!) and can't wait for the Trans-African follow up due in Spring 2008 - too far away Lois! 

Lois had plenty of time for questions and meeting local members and was more than happy to sign her book, which was selling for a very reasonable ₤7.50. It seems every one had a good evening with the bonus of a guided tour of  Wheeldon Farm Adventure Centre's superb indoor riding circuits by Andrew Savery.



First pic is of my third TTR250 - a 2004 UK model - my current trail and general purpose fun bike! Second pic was a "project" WR250F which I modified for trail riding. Pic taken at a Devon Group TRF "Funday" at Fulford Estate - a wonderful venue. Sadly I don't do enough riding to justify keeping it so it is now sold to a mate - and the extra space is handy!

The TTR is an amazing bike and has won me Gold Medals in the three 2003 MCC "Classic Trials" and hence a coveted Triple Award - it certainly ain't because of the rider. A little bit of the background to me getting started again as a born-again off-road biker follows. I am too unfit these days other than to marshall at Enduros but still very much enjoy the competitive element involved in Long Distance Trials.

I am a keen supporter of the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and am currently the Rights of Way Officer for the Devon TRF Group. I am also a member of the Devon Green Lanes Group although there is limited scope now to sort out the Rights of Way mess as the NERC Act has curtailed our work in  saving our lost heritage of old roads.


MCC's 2006 Lands End Trial - 14/15 April 2006. 407 miles travelled and 21 hours duration including compulsory breaks. A good test of man and machine. The picture is of my brother Trevor and I at the top of the very last section of the trial -  Bluehills 2. Click here for the full story of our adventure.
The BMW R80GS is probably the best two-up green lane bike around - this is my  1989 example. I haven't tried it in the mud but it was great to do a bit of summer touring with Trish - mostly on tarmac but some easy green lanes included - and we stayed upright!

SWales2002.jpg (38280 bytes)

Where did the road go?? Green laning in South Wales in September 2002 - I should have checked the landing first but survived.... Wales is definitely trail riding Nirvana!

astridebluettr.jpg (43821 bytes)

My second TTR - a 2002 TTR250 - can't think of a better all round bike for green laning, Long Distance Trials and an occasional Enduro (Sportsman Class of course!). I won an MCC Silver Medal on my first attempt at the Lands End Trial in 2002 and then Gold Medals in the 2003 Exeter, Lands End and Edinburgh Classic Trials along with the coveted Triple Award.
kdx200.jpg (24847 bytes) What a cracking bike - my old KDX200 - excellent Enduro and trail bike but.. I wanted a 4 stroke so sold it in 2000... Was pre-owned by brother Trev. I miss its "lively" nature but it wasn't happy coasting along on the road - it liked the throttle to be either WFO or closed...
Dartrun11Feb2001.jpg (41029 bytes) Devon TRF Dart Valley Run - 11 February 2001 - overlooking the Dart at a lane end - from left to right: Mike, Tim, Pete, Pete, Ian and Chris (I think..). I was taking the photo. Really nice bunch of lads. I happened to be following behind the riders when they had their major turf surfing practice - Pete KDX's was spectacular - surprised nothing got broke either on him or the bike!
ttrinbarn.jpg (22034 bytes)

My first TTR250 - luvverly bike.... Acerbis brushguards, Renthals, CRD bashplate and frameguards, otherwise pretty standard. Looking a bit muddy after an enduro....

TTRatstart.jpg (73128 bytes) Minehead again! This time its the Xmoor Club's first Enduro - July 8 2001. TTR (No 106) looking clean and lined up at the start alongside Rob Katschmaryk's KLX (No 62) and Clive Hill's RMX250 (No 133). Great event, good track, well organised event, superb atmosphere and I finished the 3hrs - what more can you ask?
mattrm125mineheadb.jpg (11752 bytes) Matt giving the RM125 some beans at Minehead. (Did we spend all of our Sundays there???)
briankdxminehead.jpg (33152 bytes)




Me on the trusty KDX at Minehead - riding sedately! The KDX was ultra reliable and repaid careful maintenance - it never let me or my brother (who owned it previously) down - did the Powys, Cwm Owen and a number of other national and local enduros, etc.
mattrm125mineheada.jpg (24568 bytes) Matt at Minehead  - not looking so keen this time ;-))
briplusadrianminejhead.jpg (23426 bytes) Me after another Minehead Hare and Hounds with my good mate and encourager Adrian "Biker" Harris.
timktmminehead.jpg (28752 bytes)  Tim after his first Hare and Hounds at Minehead. "I am NOT - no matter what - going to do another bloody lap Brian!" - it was Tim's first event and we had only done one lap in three hours but at least he got on the finishers list - he wasn't last - I was as I had been following him around! Enduros are definitely more about technique than fitness.
mattrm125minehead.jpg (30095 bytes) Matt (again?) going through the punch gates at Minehead on his RM125 - how come he is smiling then? Don't you envy youngsters their fitness? (They are also not so afraid of breaking bones or dying so take more chances than us greybeards....)
MattMaidenNewtonEnduroKTM.jpg (16123 bytes) Matt again - this time on his KTM125 competing in the Mendip Hills Hare and Hounds. I was pit crew for the day. An interesting course where the St Johns crew managed to roll their Land Rover on one of the hills.
mattrm125infield.jpg (34770 bytes) Matt posing on his new bike - ex-schoolboy MX bike - didn't take long to get the RM125 dirty though - see following photos!
Matt-KTM125.jpg (22576 bytes) Matt about with KTM 125 MX that he competed on - dig that haircut! Bike later passed on to step brother Tim - see below.
mattmt5pose.jpg (34582 bytes)


 Son Matt posing on a tasty little DT50 that he did up and sold to get some dosh for his racing fund. He did a number of these - MT50s and mopeds - quite profitable if you start with a scrapper.
timcr80bovey.jpg (28162 bytes) Stepson Tim poses on Tom's CR80 at Bovey - get a bigger bike Tim!!! (or have your legs shortened). It was actually Tom's bike but Tim had "borrowed" it for the day - sshhhhh.
trevkdxjubilee.jpg (19623 bytes) Trev (DR125) in trouble leaving the section on Jubilee LDT - I think he got away with a "3".... The DR was a great little bike for LDTs but not really up to enduros etc. It was Trev's replacement for his KDX (which I bought off him) and his "4 stroke" experience" which all smoker riders seem to need at some stage in their biking career... Trev now has an Open Enduro version of the Yamaha TTR250.

kerriemtx125jubilee.jpg (17620 bytes)

 Stepdaughter Kerrie charges toward the "stop in the box" on a special test in the 2000 Jubilee LDT. This was obviously in between the resting periods...... We had been told it was an event suitable for beginners but Kerrie begs to differ. We (Kerrie, brother Trev and I) didn't finish the day and short cutted back to the pub after the drinks stop. Nice to finish early but didn't get the satisfaction of the "finish".....

JubileeLDT1998.jpg (36750 bytes) This is more my style (I am the ugly bloke 4th from left) - the 1998 Jubilee LDT (Somerset) - beautiful day, excellent company and brilliant course. Isn't it nice to do other people's lanes occasionally? This was my first Jubilee - we kept up a good pace and finished in time to relax in the pub just that bit longer ;-)))
BrassMonkeysHuskyWR250.jpg (27282 bytes) My first ever dirt bike event - the Brass Monkeys Enduro (Broadhembury, Devon) on a Husky WR250 twinshock - this was not a beginner's event as my mate Adrian (aka Biker) had told me.... Nearly put me off dirt biking for life! Sorry - not Adrian's fault - he just didn't know what a crap rider I was and how unfit...
britrishdaytonabeach.jpg (27911 bytes) Trish and I on a quick trail ride on the quad across Dawlish beach in November 1997. Well, no... actually it was November 1997 but piccie was taken on our honeymoon at Daytona Beach, Florida - ahhhhhh..... bliss.... - the Devon TRF Group's website - the portal to trail riding in Devon